• I lost my serial number, how do I get it back?
    To retrieve lost license codes you need to go to two spots and fill out forms (It's two spots because there are two different ways to get licenses that have different retrieval methods -- Just do both and you should be good to go


    You will need the email you used to register the program -- All of your esellerate and loghound purchase serial numbers will be resent to you.
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  • How do I register RapidFlickr?
    You register RapidFlickr by going to selecting the setup button on the 'flickr search settings' tab

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  • I enabled live updates and now I get a bunch of HTML code
    If you enabled 'live updates' and you get a bunch of HTML code that then it's probably because your host does not support PHP. PHP is required for live updates and in some low costs plans and most notably in .mac there is no PHP support
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  • I want to limit the pictures shown, what is the best way?
    Rapidflickr is based on searches using tags & dates. If you have put appropriate tags on your Flickr sets (which is half the fun of Flickr) then it's usually pretty easy to pinpoint the pictures you want.

    The other way of doing this is to use sets. Sets have the extra advantage in that you can sort them however you want.
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  • The "Drop Shadow" effect looks funny
    To insure the "Drop Shadow" effect looks proper make sure you turn on 'Tidied" output (you can enable this from the page inspector)
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  • I can't see some pictures!
    If you have pictures that are not showing up in your albums make sure they are not marked private. Private pictures are only accessible if you use authentication in Albums.

    "Slideshows" (the flash viewer) is handled differently -- It requires that all pictures be public (even with authentication private pictures won't show up)
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  • I'm the only one who can click through to flickr
    If pictures are marked private and you use authentication then people in general won't be able to click through to flickr to add comments. Make the pictures public to avoid this problem.
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  • Some options are greyed out!
    To get all of the features of rapidflickr you need to purchase a license. Specifically the license includes authentication, live updates more search & output options.

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  • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
    This error occurs if you have "Use XML Declaration" enabled. Turn it off to remove this error

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  • I get "This photo is currently unavailable" in my lightbox image
    Usually this occurs if you have lightbox effect and are asking for a picture bigger than what flickr has.

    When flickr gets a photo it creates up to 5 additional sizes for it. Flickr will never increase the resolution but it will happily decrease resolution. The 5 sizes are

    • Square (75x75 pixels)
    • Thumbnail (100 pixels on a side)
    • Small (240 pixels on a side)
    • Medium (500 pixes on a size)
    • Large (1024 on a size)
    • Original (original format & Size)

    So if you upload a picture that is 800 pixels on a side it will create a medium, small, thumbnail and square but NOT a large since the original was 800 pixels it will never create anything bigger than this. Additionally it will have the 'original' size available (if you are a pro user, see below).

    For "Original" you have to be a 'Pro' user (e.g. pay the yearly fee) to get access to them. Even if you original is 800x600 the largest you can access is medium (500 on a side). Free flickr account should never use original size.

    So if you see 'this image is currently unavailable' Your options are to either upgrade your account or always upload a picture of at least 1024 pixels.

    One final note -- While this restriction on free accounts has always been true flickr only recently started enforcing it. Pictures uploaded after ~April 2007 have this restriction in effect for free accounts.
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  • In Preview mode all I see is HTML code
    If you see 'html code' during preview of RapidFlickr the problem is probably due to the fact that you have checked 'enable live updates' in RapidFlickr while also doing a 'preview in place' (cmd-1) with RapidWeaver

    If you want to see the preview with live updates enabled you have to turn off 'preview in place'

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  • Help, I don't see any of my pictures
    Flickr recently (May 2007) changed the way pictures are stored. Make sure you are using at least version 1.22 which uses the new flickr method.
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  • How do I get rid of that little i?
    When you use the lightbox effect and you turn titles off a little 'circle i' appears.

    This appears because flickr requires a link back to itself. By default RapidFlickr will link the thumbnail back, if the lIghtbox effect is chosen then the title is linked back. If titles are turned off then this little symbol appears to provide a point to link back to.

    For more details on the flickr terms of use visit here: http://www.flickr.com/guidelines.gne
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