I want to limit the pictures shown, what is the best way?

Rapidflickr is based on searches using tags & dates. If you have put appropriate tags on your Flickr sets (which is half the fun of Flickr) then it's usually pretty easy to pinpoint the pictures you want.

The other way of doing this is to use sets. Sets have the extra advantage in that you can sort them however you want.

I can't see some pictures!

If you have pictures that are not showing up make sure they are not marked private. Private pictures are only accessible if you use authentication.

I'm the only one who can click through to flickr

If pictures are marked private and you use authentication then people in general won't be able to click through to flickr to add comments. Make the pictures public to avoid this problem.

Some options are greyed out!

To get all of the features of rapidflickr you need to purchase a license. Specifically the license includes authentication, live updates more search & output options.

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This error occurs if you have "Use XML Declaration" enabled. Turn it off to remove this error

Picture 1

I don't want the photos to link back to flickr!

The flickr terms of use allow you to use them to hold images that you display on your website but they also require that you link back to them (http://www.flickr.com/terms.gne)

I get "This photo is currently unavailable" in my lightbox image

Usually this occurs if you have lightbox effect and are asking for a picture bigger than what flickr has. For instance if you only upload photos of 800x600 but ask for a 'large' image flickr will show this since it doesn't have a 'large' version. Either upload bigger versions or pick a smaller size