Blog Anywhere

With RapidBlog

Works like you expect
All of your favorite RW tricks just work
Blog Anywhere
Add, Edit, Delete blog posts from anywhere with an internet connection
Fine tune control
Number of posts, comment displays, permalinks are all under your control
Control the Comments
Choose between blogger built in comments,HaloScan, Js-Kit or DisQus comments.
Compatible with your favorite RW theme
Uses standard blog CSS items
Automatic synchronization with Blogger
Rapidweaver and Blogger are always kept synchronized
Advanced Search
Search by title, category or post within RW
Mobile Blogging
Blog via mobile phone directly to blogger or through Flickr

Password is kept in keychain and always transmitted over secure links
Multiple Authors
Create a blog and allow more than one author to post.
Categories on steroids
No limit to number of categories. If the post concerns “monkeys” and “japan” tag it as such!
Flexible Views
View posts by category or date
Full support of RW Graphics, Assets
Add them and publish as normal
Blog Import
Painlessly import existing RW blog
Full support of UTF-8 Character sets
Blog via E-Mail
Set up a secret e-mail address that lets you blog anwhere you can send e-mail

See for yourself how easy it is to blog anywhere
Download a copy and follow the quickstart guide to start blogging anywhere
Rapidblog requires RapidWeaver 3.51 (or higher), Mac OSX 10.6 or higher with PHP (version 4.4+) Support and a free account at Please note that .me/.mac does not support php and so RapidBlog will not work with .mac/.me accounts..

Rapidblog is only $14.95. Visit the online store to purchase a copy