Starting with PlusKit 2.07 you can now conditonally include or exclude text. This is handy if you want something to not appear when the site is exported but you do want it to appear when it's published (or perhaps you want to have some block of text appear on the final site but don't want it to render during preview)

Here is an example of how you might use it

@if((!renderMode like "export"))
This appears everywhere but in export mode output
@endif((!renderMode like "export"))

In the above example the test string with "anything not matching export mode" (the ! in front means to do the opposite)

If you wanted to have text appear only in preview you might do this:

@if((renderMode like "preview"))
This appears only in preview mode output
@endif((renderMode like "preview"))

Finally if you wanted something to appear in publish only (not export or preview)

@if((renderMode like "publish"))
This appears only in the published output.
@endif((renderMode like "publish"))