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You can download this page by going here and grabbing 'example 10'

This is an example of how you might use gtable to administer a race. Let's say that you want athletes to be able to view their results but you don't want them to be able to view each others results. Setup up the spreadsheet like this

race results - Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Each athlete will be issued a 'ID' which is a unique and hard to guess number that they can search against. Since we want the table to be empty by default use a bogus value (in this case no_one) but allow it to be overwritten by the form.

Please note that if you are looking at this in the preview tab of RapidWeaver it won't work. Forms & gtable only work if you actually publish to a site.

In this case we will use the 'golden-style' theme and show the header. The search will be id=%no_one|id% meaning the default value is no_one but if the variable (from say a form) of the name 'id' exists use that.

Here is the actual gtable & form

Pasted Graphic

And here is the live update (try typing in 1z to get started)

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