Pluskit now support an feature to import google documents. With this feature you can import google documents right into any styled text within RapidWeaver. Any changes made to the original document will be automatically reflected in the web page.

Google docs is an amazing on line word processor. Beyond being full featured with all of the 'normal' sorts of things you would expect (such as formatting, tables, lists, images) it also allows collaboration between multiple people, has version control and you can export the document in a number of formats including word, OpenOffice and PDF.

To use it make sure you've 'published' the document and then note the "key" or "id"

The syntax is simply


You can optionall prefix the key with the word key


For instance I wrote a silly 'report' about childhood tv habits. It has key ah4jzqpk89pj_13fc583j so you can use

@gdoc((ah4jzqpk89pj_13fc583j)) or @gdoc((key:ah4jzqpk89pj_13fc583j))