I'm beginning to compile a list of what works/what doesn't work for @import(()). The goal is to get everything working (to at least some level). Below is the current status:

*** Perfect
**[n] Works with Some issues (see n)
* Doesn't Work

Accordion *** [6]
Styled Text ***
Movie Album * [2]
File Share ***
Offsite Page ***
Blog ** [1]
HTML ***
Photo Page ***
Blocks ***
QuickTime * [4]
iframe ***
RapidFlickr **** [5]
Contact * [3]
Simple Viewer *
Lockdown * [3]
Sitemap ***

[1] Blog Permalinks don't work (404 error)
[2] Thumbnail shows up properly but movie page doesn't show up
[3] Impored page needs to have 'php' extension to work properly with this page type, also to avoid an error message put in the page prefix (inspector->code) to avoid warning messages)
[4] No Thumbnail, no Movie
[5] “Live Update” feature requires importing page have a 'php' extension
[6] Currently only one Accordion page can be imported into a given page (if you import two odd things happen)