PlusKit 2.0 is out!

PlusKit 2.0 is Leopard (or Snow Leopard) and RW 4.0 only -- If you have older version of RapidWeaver or Tiger stick with 1.X versions of PlusKit.

Changes include:

  • New Lightbox effect based on jquery (Fancy Box). In addition to looking great it has configurable options and should be compatible with most themes and plugins
  • New 'Insert on page' feature which lets you insert HTML snippits based on configurable triggers. You can insert them into the sidebar, main body text, title, footer, etc.
  • Upgrade of mootools to be compatible with newer versions of accordion & carousel.
  • Lots of internal clean ups.

How much will 2.0 cost?

Version 2.0 is free for all owners of PlusKit. However my two young boys love getting (real) mail and if you feel like it you can send them a post card with the words "Hello from X" (where X is where you live) to the following address:

Jack & Aidan McLaughlin
4757 Hillsboro Circle
Santa Rosa, CA 95405 USA

(Aidan age 5 -- Jack age 8 in back ground)

Go here to download version 2.0