Mash up your site with PlusKit

PlusKit is a new type of RapidWeaver® plugin. Traditionally plugins have added new pages styles (such as Sitemap or Blocks), PlusKit is a different

  • It can automatically convert your photos to 'lighbox' or 'FancyZoom' format (this is super-slick)
  • It provides a powerful importing function (@import(())), from any Styled Text you can import another RW page
    • A great use for this is if you want your Rapidflickr photos inside a sidebar, or perhaps you want an Accordian in a sidebar
  • It provides a useful global find feature. Good for tracking down where things went
  • Seamlessly integrate Google Docs & Spreadsheets
  • It makes your Style better with powerful new tags (<bash>, and <markdown>)
  • Plus much more -- You might want to watch the screencast here to get a better sense.

Feel free to download a trial version of pluskit. The 'free' version works for 10 minutes before disabling itself, to allow it to work more than 10 minutes you can purchase a license at the store.

Improve your Style

Find your Stuff

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

It is probably time for some documentation. StylePlus adds several new tags within StyleText and allows you to 'import' other pages from within RapidWeaver.

The tags are:

  • markdown
  • bash

The arguments you can pass are (default in bold)

  • cache=default \| none \| always
  • warning=true \| false
  • timeout = 5 \| (some number of seconds)
  • files=_FILES_ | (something else that you want to refer to remove files with)
  • outputdir= (some local directory you want copied to the server)

Of course, there is also the @import ((some other page)) command. I've not worked on this much and it still doesn't cache

If you are just getting started you can ignore the arguments (or said another way you will know when you need them)


First let's do a simple markdown example


*Hello from Markdown*



Hello from Markdown

You can read more about markdown Syntax by going to John Gruber's "Main Site" here


The next one to focus on is the 'Bash'. This is pretty cool since you know now execute arbitrary code when viewing a page. There are lots of uses for this but for now let's do something trivial


echo -n "the current date is:"




echo -n "The current date is:" date


Finally let's talk briefly about the 'import' feature. This is pretty slick and allows you to include pages within pages

For instance:


would include the contents of your 'Home' page inline -- A very powerful way to combine multiple page types.

PlusKit also includes a new powerful find feature. Ever wonder where something was in your RapidWeaver project? Wonder no more!

You can locate FindPlus in the 'Edit -> Find Plus'
PlusKit allows you to integrate documents from Google Docs. This allows for a sort of 'mini CMS' system where you can have portions of your web site that can be edited by anyone, anywhere in the world and the changes show up instantly on your web page.

To integrate a document look at the gdoc command.

To integrate a spreadsheet look at the gtable command -- as opposed to gdoc, gtable is a fairly complex command and usually takes a bit more work (due to the extra complexity of how to display tables)

There is also the gform command for doing forms and storing the results in your google spreadsheet (great for surveys)

This feature requires PHP support (so no .mac)

Important To use PlusKit you need to add one, and only one, "PlusKit" page. This page is used as a sort of 'control' center to turn options on or off