Lockdown pages are great for securing a web site or portion of a web site from prying eyes and since you can add as many users as you want you can really control who has access (and you can turn off access when you want)

But some times you want to keep something secure from people who don't know you but you want to provide an easy way for anyone who does know you to view the content (say you send an email out and don't want to have to spend a lot of time telling them e-mail & password)

A simple solution is to embed the username and password in the URL.

For instance I put a "Secret Page" here with a username of "Secret" and a password of "Page" but my dear old grandmother isn't very comfortable around computers and I really don't want to say

"Granny, To see pictures of the kids please go to http://www.loghound.com/lockdown/FAQ/embedpassword/secretpage and when it asks you for a username/password type in "Secret" for the username and 'Page" for the password.

Instead I would like to say, "Gran's, here is a link to a page to

Viola! Like magic you have a page that is secure from prying eyes but dear old Gran can easily see it without memorizing usernames/passwords.

The secret is to put the username and password after the '//' and with a colon in between them, and a @ at the end (before the web site)

e.g. http://username:password@www.loghound.com/....

It's also possible to 'bookmark' the site on Gran's computer so she can just 'jump' to the site and not worry about passwords.

If later you decide that Gran has forwarded it on to too many relatives and you wish to secure it from Uncle Fred (who you never liked much) you can always change the username and password to something else and the next time anyone follows the link it will not accept the original username/password and will ask for a new one (of course this will make Gran mad so use with Caution)

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this tutorial please contact me.