GoogleRelated Beta

Google Related Pagelet (Beta)


Google related is, as far as I know, the first 3rd party plugin for SandVox.

This handy little plugin allows you to add a Google Related pagelet.  Google Related is a service from Google where they will present news, searches or other web pages related to yours.

Great! you may say.  How do I get me some of that related goodness?

Simple.  First install the plugin and then add the pagelet to your SandVox site.  There are a few options you can choose from including color scheme (to make it match nicely with your site) and what kind of information you can display (Related searches, related news or related web sites)  See an example in the sidebar of this page


When you first add the pagelet you may find that all you get is a search box.  This is because Google hasn't crawled your web site yet.  once it does than the related information will appear.

This is Beta software.  While I think it works properly and won't destroy your system or cause you data or hair loss it is still relatively untested.  Please only use this if you are comfortable playing around with beta software.

Finally, this version will expire around August 8.  A new version will be available well before then.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know -- It's not you, it's the machine