Help reduce IBR

What can I say? I love the security now podcast by Leo Laporte & Steve Gibson. The only problem is I'm not always at a place with high speed access, plus I worry about making maximum use of the internet - Sure Steve offers both a full quality, 64kbps, and a 16kbps bandwidth-conserving version but I want even more effeciency. Steve programs in assembly language, I want to listen to text!

My Solution is a new application called SecurityNew. It reads SecurityNow transcripts off of and plays them back.

Sure you miss the dulcet tones of Steve & Leo but it's like buying a Prius, it's not as much fun as a Hummer but you feel good knowing you are saving the world. In this case you are saving the internet from too much traffic.

The internet, after all, is a series of tubes. It's not a truck you can dump things on. SecurityNew helps keep those tubes clear

the internet is not a truck

SecurityNew is for the Mac only (10.3.9 & above)

To use SecurityNew simply download it, select voices & episode and click listen. By default it comes up in episode 44 which has a nice discussion of mod 2,4,11 & 22.

If you have any comments or suggestions let me know!

And remember. It's all in good fun!