Newest Project (DreamHost customers read!)

I've been playing with a new project recently -- I honestly never intended for this to turn into anything "real" but somehow it took on a life of it's own. If you use DreamHost as your web host you might be interested in looking at this -- It's a domain & list management application for dreamhost accounts (and I must say that it's turning out pretty slick) If you want to help finish it via beta testing send me a note.
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Drawing Mode

Google just released a 'drawing mode' in google docs. While it certainly won't replace Adobe Illustrator it's still a amazing achievement for an online word processor and should be quite handy to toss up a few quick diagrams to explain a point.
Of course I've updated PlusKit to work with it -- Grab 1.58 and enjoy all of the drawing goodness.
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Safari 4.0 & RapidBlog

If you've installed Safari 4.0 you'll notice that RapidBlog has stopped working. A fix is forthcoming in the next 10 hours or so.
[update: RapidBlog & RapidFlickr updated and should be working now]


When I first came to the Mac there were a handful of things that I didn't initially get -- Honestly speaking in some cases I still don't get them (and/or think the PC way is perhaps better)
One of those is the font dialog (cmd-t) -- I find it so frustrating to work with and what are all of those little funky controls at the top?
But I digress -- this post is about printing. My first experience on Mac was 10.3 and the printing seemed a little funky, pages never quite came out as I was expecting without a lot of twiddling. 10.4 seemed to really improve it and in 10.5 it's been (almost) flawless.
Over christmas I was doing christmas card and made a custom paper size to print them out with -- So far, So Good. The problem is ever since then my default paper always ends up being the custom size. No amount of going to preferences, saving, restarting, etc. seemed to force it to stick -- It subbornly reverted to my 'christmas card' size.
Finally tonight I dug in and did some digging -- Turns out there is a preference -- One of the items in there is 'DefaultPaperID' which pointed at, you guessed it, my christmas card size.
Deleting that one plist entry fixed the problem -- Now I happily print to the proper size by default -- It does beg the question what happened -- How did it get changed and why wouldn't it change back but at least I'm back up and working again.

Lockdown Screencast

If you haven't yet check out the Screencast done by the fine folks at SupportCasts. It's very nicely done.
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MWSF09 predictions

I'm actually kind of excited this year -- The rumor mill has been pretty quiet which means either
  1. There is nothing to announce
  2. Apple has kept a good lid on it
Here is my wish list of things I want to see -- Unlike some pundits *everything on this list is achievable today* -- I'm ignoring the obvious (iLife 09) and the boring (update to time capsule)
  1. iPhone nano -- No big screen, no apps -- just a phone that syncs your contacts, calendars and is an ipod (possibly wireless syncing with mobile me) -- A great phone for folks who don't need the big screen (I'd get one for my wife) and who don't want to pay the data fee.
  2. i7 based computers -- Ideally a 4 core iMac (24+ LED screen)
  3. App store reforms with trial period for apps.
That's it -- If I get 2 out of 3 I'll be a happy guy.
[Update after keynote]
  1. iPhone nano -- FAIL
  2. i7  based computer - FAIL
  3. App store reforms - FAIL
New iWork & iLife seems promising but hardly worth a MW keynote, new 17" is fine (and expected) 
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Over the past few months (on and off) I've been working on an iPhone app -- I'm happy to say it's not released. First let me say that any of my (few) readers who want a free copy just send an email to with the subject 'free copy for reading the blog' and I'll shoot you a coupon for a free copy (maybe you can say something nice about it in the comments in iTunes...)
Anyway it's an app for managing your NetFlix queue -- Sorry to say it's only available in the US itunes store since NetFlix is only (sadly) available in the US (For those of you outside the US I suspect you know what it is, originally dvd by mail rental and now also an 'instant' view for about 10,000 or so titles over the internet)
It's been a fun experience writing an iPhone app -- I'll probably end up sticking mostly with Mac Apps going forward since I enjoy the richness you can bring with them but it is amazing how much of a 'desktop' experience you can achieve with a mobile application.
If I don't post again before Christmas I hope everyone has a nice holidays and (hopefully) a prosperous new year
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End of an era

  • Steve doesn't do the keynote: Not a huge suprise -- They've been backing him off the one man show stick for a while.

RapidWeaver 4.2 & RapidBlog

Hi All,
If you are using RapidWeaver 4.2 & Rapidblog you might see some problems uploading pictures.  I've put up a release that *should* fix it here
The reason it's not available on sparkle or the download section is I am still waiting for some testing results -- if you try it and see any problems let me know.
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In the last 4-6 months I've worked on three seperate iPhone apps.  The previous two attempts were aborted when I saw something very similar appear in the app store.
This time is different... I'm making practice and the app is actually usable to me today.  I'm currently trying to line up help with artwork and putting some finishing touches on feature set but it's close, very close.
So what changed?  Did I think of an idea so freakishly creative that no one else has done it?
Sadly, no.  Initially I thought it was unique but I know of at least three other apps with very similar functionality but this time I've actively ignored them.  Yes, thats right, instead of doing the 'sane' thing of looking at the other products and thinking how I could do it better I've ignored them -- I know they exist but I'm choosing to pretend they don't.  I intend to ignore them up until the point I'm done and then maybe, just maybe, I'll take a peek (to make sure what I push out to the app store is at least competitive)
It's crazy but its working -- I'm happily working on my app with my head in the sand.  It's kind of like having a baby and not finding out the sex.  You get a planned suprise -- Completely rationale? perhaps not but it's the only way I can keep from giving up.
I'll post again when It's up in the app store (or, if I give up I'll post and let you know why)
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