RapidBlog 1.50b2

It's been a while since I posted a update to my blog but I've been working on this one for a while (not non stop which explains why it's taken so long) I've just pushed up a beta of RapidBlog 1.5 -- This includes most of the feature requests I've had in the last few months (well, most of the requests that are implementable)
  • Upgrading the blog rendering to be more consistent with the built in blog
  • Permalink can now be the title of the post
  • Show/Hide comments can optionally be placed
  • Error message improvements
  • The blog comment introduction "Jack said...." can now be customized
  • Setup now uses the standard RW setup method, not it's own window
  • And you can re-arrange the order in which the blog renders out -- want the date below the body?  no problem, just re-arrange it from the setup menu.
If you are brave and feel like playing give it a try.   Of course you can always go back to the current shipping version so it's pretty safe to play with.  If your favorite feature request is not included let me know as I'm still working on it and (of course) let me know what problems you see.

Insight to my Psyche

I got two new toys on virtually the same day (Monday) a new 40" LCD TV (Samsung LNT4061F for those of you keeping score) and a Amazon Kindle To date I've spend about 30 minute watching the TV and 4 hours reading e-books. I suspect I'll spend a lot more time on my e-book reader than on the TV.


macsanta-smallYou might want to keep an eye on the Mac Santa Deals around the 14th..... Especially if there is a plugin you wanted but haven't purchased yet.

A sad day

Today is a sad day -- My long trusty friend, Net News Wire, was removed from my dock. I've been increasingly using Google Reader and with some of the recent improvements I just wasn't using NNW very much anymore. I never thought a web app would displace a desktop app but I was apparently wrong...
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User deserves better

I was working on a new project tonight -- It's still early days so I don't want to talk about it yet but I came across one funny thing (which I think is new in leopard) -- If you ask for an alert panel and don't pass it a good message you get
A generic error message will be displayed, but the user deserves better.
Gotta love the appkit guys at Apple
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Blogger changes & RapidBlog

Hi All, Blogger pushed up a new version which changes their documented behavior. Since I'm not sure if this will be fixed or not (or more importantly when) I've pushed up a new version of RapidBlog (1.26) You can get it here http://loghound.com/rapidblog/changelog/index.html

Dogged Determination

So the iPhone is being released in the UK. MacWorld UK has a story about it and the regency street store

It's not the longest queue - yet, but two people have arrived outside the store equipped with warm weather clothing, folding chairs and grim, dogged determination to be among the first people in the UK to get hold of an iPhone.

Care to guess who one of those two is?
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Worlds Biggest French Fry!

Worlds Biggest French Fry! We had fish n' chips the other night -- much to our suprise we found this monster french fry mixed in -- Can you imagine the potato?
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Leopard stuff I can't discuss and quicken for mac stinks

I've been testing loghound.com plugins on Leopard these last several days -- Truth be told even though I've had access to the seed for almost a year I didn't spend much time in it.
Anyway I've had probably half a dozen "holy #$@#" moments in leopard -- Small things that aren't mentioned in the '300 items' Apple talks about (probably too small to make the cut) but to me it is this moment of brilliance.  I wish I could share a few of them right now, perhaps I'll do a blog post friday evening.   
Don't get me wrong, these are not 'big huge' suprises, it's just little things here and there that really put a smile on my face.
By the way, quicken for the mac Sucks -- No, sucks is too generous.  It's embarassing.  Apple -- On the PC side everyone is scared to make Financial apps because quicken (& microsoft money) have such a stranglehold.  On the mac side though it's pitiful how bad the choices are.  It's no wonder there are folks who dare tread into this market.
The 'killer feature' that Quicken has (in my books) is the online access and ability to do bill pay.  This is a must have for me.  Anyway after giving quicken mac a good month of testing I still can't find anything nice to say about it so I'm going back to quicken windows (using parallels)
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RapidBlog 1.22

I Just pushed up a new version of RapidBlog -- 1.22 includes a few fixes and a often requested feature -- the ability to have the comment system on blogger appear in a popup window.
Before I put it on the main download page I wanted to let a few folks give it a spin -- If you would like you can grab it here:
The complete change log is below, let me know if you see any problems.
  • Rapidblog will now empty out the entry ID after a 404 error. To read more about why you might care see http://loghound.com/Rapidblog/404/index.html
  • RapidBlog now handles character encoding conversation a bit differnetly (and perhaps better ---)
  • RapidBlog will not properly reflect draft status of imported blogs
  • RapidBlog will now show the number of comments regardless of the language choice in the blogger engine.
  • You can now have 'blogger' style comments enter via a poup menu
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