New Lockdown features & Pricing.

I've put up a new version of lockdown with a much requested feature -- You can now select a 'per user' redirect page. This means if you want one central log in but you want to redirect people to their specific page you can now do that within lockdown.

Please keep in mind that page redirection is different than security. If everyone has an account under one Lockdown page then they can access all of the content (even if you redirect them to their specific page). If you care about this you have a few options.

1) You can hide the menus in RW and use non obvious URL's... This is sort of security by obscurity but if it may be enough for most folks.
2) If you absolutely need the redirected pages to have protection you can send them to a second Lockdown page that only they have an account on.

On a different, but related note, you may have noticed a small ($2) increase in Lockdown -- Lockdown has the highest support load of any of my plugins and so I made a small price increase in concert with the newest version to more accurately reflect the amount of work it is.

If you were thinking of buying Lockdown but are now 'drats... too late', don't worry. I've set up a coupon code OLDLKDOWNPRICE that is 20% off which gets you back to the old price -- This coupon is good until Dec 1, 2006.


New Look

If you are reading this then on the web then you are seeing the new look. I've been trying to migrate over for a while and although I haven't got my final site tweaked up yet I've decided to go live (otherwise I may never change it).

Overall I'm happy with the direction so far. it feels much cleaner than my old "everything at the top level" design -- One thing that tough about running a small business like, especially if your work gets done in the evenings after your 'day job' is that every night you have to decide "Do I work on plugins, customer defects, clean up documentation or fix up my web site" I usually put customer problems first and web site clean up last!

The biggest thing that strikes me as I redo my site is how amazing Rapidweaver is. I'm able to take my entire site and with relatively small amounts of effort completely change the look and organization. Amazing.

The theme is badNas from SeyDoggy and Adam has also been great in getting me new graphics -- The Lockdown icon was designed by him and look for other applications icons to come out in the coming weeks.


Slow Updates

Hi All,

You may have noticed the site not updating recently. I've been away on some family issues but I'm back now so expect more frequent updates (both blog & plugins).

Also, I'm slowly working on a new site design that I hope to bring live in the next 1-3 weeks.

Stay Tuned.


I'm So Excited

It's been a while since I dusted off the old 'blog and gave you some loghound goodness so tonights a two fer.

First I wanted to talk about a little project I'm in the middle of. It's got me pretty excited and no, it's not some fancy new plugin or application. In fact most of you will see it and shrug or say "Well, it's about time"

Let's just say that I'm getting a help from a fellow dog...

Finally I wanted to talk about the creativity of constraints. It occurs to me that most of what I've ever produced (and decided to share) is a form of plugin. Not just Rapidweaver but I've also done plugins for Address Book, iMediaBrowser Sandvox. It would frighten you to know what other apps I've done plugins for but choose to not every let see the light of day. More than once I've told someone NEVER AGAIN... Never again would I do a plugin. There are moments where I want to scream -- I want to do something simple and I can't because of the way the plugin interface works . Or I do what I think is correct but something in the main app kills me or ... well you get the idea.

I dream of my own app that I control soup to nuts. I imagine working in an environment where I control all of the source code and believe me, it's attractive but I keep on coming back to plugins.

Why? Why do I beat my head against the wall like this? I finally figured it out today.

Constraints free your creative mind

The fact that I have so many constraints forces me to think, and I mean think hard. More than once I've gone to bed thinking "It's helpless.. there is no way" and the next morning something clicks (Lockdown is a great example of that) it actually makes the problems more interesting and when I get it working it's that much more satisfying.

I've seen the same reaction from the guys who can take a 16x16 icon and make it look great. Would it be nice to have 1024x1024 for icon design? Sure but there is something deeply satisfying by making the icon look great with 16 pixels on a side.


Pluskit update (not)

I really intended to get a pluskit update out this weekend but a combination of a cold/flu kept me from making much progress (I'm feeling much better now)

Look for a new release in the next two or three days with (hopefully) a bunch of defect fixes.

In the mean time I've begun a table showing what is compatible with @import(())


Sep 12 predictions

Well as has become customary around the ol' blogosphere (why does everything become a 'sphere'?) people are throwing out predictions for what Steve-o will be saying this Tuesday.

I did pretty well on my WWDC predictions so here goes again:

  • Sure Bets
    • Increased Nanos
    • Movie Downloads
    • Increased capacity ipods (40GB & 80GB)
  • Possible but less than 50%
    • New widescreen ipod
    • Some wireless video extender (Airport express for Video?)
    • New airport base-station (802.11n based)
    • Announce a deal for e-book reading on ipods (with widescreen ipod?)
  • No Way
    • Iphone
    • Wireless Ipod
    • xmac (something less than MacPro based on desktop proc but upgradable video card, hard drive, etc.)

Personally I'd LOVE to see a widescreen 40&80GB ipod that can read e-books... I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Oh, I'm also this (holds fingers really close together) close to releasing PlusKit for general availability but based on the amount of negative stuff going on in the RW forums I decided to hold back a bit (I know, old fashioned of me to actually have a product ready to go before I announce it... what can I say?)

I know a few of you have played with my "StyledPlus" or "Markdown" plugin, you may be wondering why it's called PlusKit? Well let's say I've juiced it up with a few more features including one I call the "MrTonk" memorial feature.

Assuming my testing doesn't find any show stoppers look for it in the next 48 hours.


Starting some StylePlus docs

I've begun putting together docs for StylePlus... It is by no means complete yet but you can see them here and they should give you an example of what's possible.

StylePlus 0.4

So a few of you noticed that the beta of StylePlus "retired" today... Not to worry here is new version that should last another 30 days.

Biggest differences is (hopefully) general improvements in stability as well as performance.

As always, for the truely brave you can get the newest copy here


Sitemap 1.12

If you have been following the RapidWeaver forums you will have noticed that I released a new version of Sitemap that includes Blog support. It's currently at 1.12u and is pretty close to finished except for one niggling little detail. For some reason, at (apparently?) random times RW will decide to emit an archive category that doesn't exist.

I'm still trying to figure this one out -- it's not too damaging (you get a dead link in one of the archives) but it's annoying!

You can get the most recent build here. Let me know if you have any problems.


loads o' options

Well, if you ever read the RW forums you know that there are least three options for Markdown now. I've kind of debated internally about what to do but at this point I'm in 'a groove' with my version so I've continued development

So what, you may ask, is in this most recent build? Well beyond fixing some HORRIBLE bugs that caused the system to core dump I've not implemented a caching subsystem. It's pretty slick and should really speed up renders. By default it's in 'smart' mode which means it caches unless the page changes but you can select no caching by saying 'cache=none' or you can force it to desperley cache by saying 'cache=always' (the difference between the default and 'always' is for always it keeps the cache even if the RW page changes. It only looses the cache if you change the actual command signature). Right now the cache only lives as long as you are running RW. Once you quit the cache is gone (to be fixed in a future release)

So let's summarize: There 5 StylePlus tags and each one has 4 arguments you can pass:

The tags are:

  • markdown
  • textile
  • bash
  • applescript
  • python

The arguments you can pass are (default in bold)

  • cache=default \| none \| always
  • warning=true \| false
  • timeout = 5 \| (some number of seconds)
  • files=_FILES_ | (something else that you want to refer to remove files with)
  • outputdir= (some local directory you want copied to the server)

Of course, there is also the @import ((some other page)) command. I've not worked on this much and it still doesn't cache

Don't worry I'll get some better docs and examples up soon but for the truely brave you can get the newest copy here


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