Xcode 3.0 goofiness

Like many people I frantically crawled the web looking for more details after the WWDC keynote. As a develooper I'm always interested in development tools improvements and so I gleefully started reading about Xcode 3.0. Slowly though my excitement turned to, well, puzzlement.

You see there were some very odd things posted to the Xcode 3.0 site right after the keynote, I guess apple agreed because it's now slightly less goofy. For your pleasure I present 'Xcode 3.0 -- Morning and Night'. I'm sorry for the 'wide' format but I wanted to show a few of these side by side.

You can download the web archive from this morning here and compare it to this one that's live.

Xcode 3.0 page August 7 @ 8:00PMXcode 3.0 page August 7 @ ~11:30 AM

Pasted Graphic 2
Notice the smooth transition from interface builder to debugging.

Pasted Graphic
Notice the bizarre references to stepping. "If stepping wears you down?"

Pasted Graphic 3

note odd reference to Civ 4, but overall somewhat coherent

Pasted Graphic 4
Note bizarre reference to reality & Pentagon

There are a few odd thing that appear in both versions of the web page

Pasted Graphic 5

"Because it's 2006" Is that even a sentence?

Pasted Graphic 6
"You'll make mistakes just to see it in action"? Seriously?

Pasted Graphic 7

"So Compelling," What does that even mean? Who's writing this copy?

Ok, enough grousing..... I do like the cut of it's jib, just wished they had not let the 14 year old high school girl down the street write the web page for it.


So how did I do?

A few days back I put up some predictions for WWDC.. how did I do?


New Mac Pros, no ipod update, intel our best upgade ever, upgrade to core apps. Timeframe jan/feb ('spring'), garbage collection, API updates, virtualization, XCode 3.0 & Dashcode

Upgraded MBP+MB+Imac's,

Not bad for my first round of WWDC predictions.


Why not join the club: Leopard predications

So it seems that everyone and their mother is giving out predictions for Leopard and WWDC in general. For what it's worth here are my thoughts.

  • New Mac Pros (that's a gimme), upgrade MBP+MB+IMacs+mac mini to core 2. New Displays with eyesight.
  • Ipod: No significant announcements (although I'd love the rumored ipod+ebook reader!) -- Maybe a '8Gb' Nano
  • Intel: "our most successful transition ever"

  • All of the usual goodies (safari 3.0, upgrades to core apps such as mail, addresss book, etc.)
  • Timeframe: no way will it be released this year. Figure Jan/Feb 07 at earliest (I may live to eat these words!)
  • Garbage collection in Obj-c!
  • Improvements to Core Video/Audio/Graphics/Data. Quartz 2D extreme (whatever its called) officially turned on
  • Virtualization: no big news here. Parallels type solution (perhaps) or boot camp but nothing radically new
  • XCode 3.0 -- A nice incremental upgrade.
  • Dashcode is finally announced (even though it ships with macbooks!)



One of those days (in a good way)

Or sometimes the bread falls butter side up.

I'm down in Pacific Grove to be exact) and I just got home from the Feast of Lanterns. A 101 year old tradition that's a lot of fun. Tonight there were some really nicely down fireworks and we all had a great time.

I decided to slog away on my recent project which has this feeling of 'near infinite' amounts of work to do and it was as if the gods of Plugin development were smiling on me. About a dozen things all of a sudden 'snapped' into place and this thing is almost beginning to work in a, you know, useful way.


A few new things

I've been playing with a few different projects recently... I thought it was time to point them out to anyone who reads this (which, you know, including my mom is two people)

  • I've added a handy google search bar to let you search the content of the web site. Go forth and Google!

  • I've begun to play with Javascript a little bit. I've honestly never spent much time with it but it's sort of fun and there are some cute things you can do with it. For example you can look here to see a small script that opens your flickr photos in an external page

  • Thirdly, I've released a plug in for iMediaBrowser that adds your delicious bookmarks to the browser. It's not complete and this version will time out in early August (I just want to make sure everyone gets the final version) but give it a spin if you like. One caution: Due to the way the RealMac guys implemented the browser it doesn't work in RapidWeaver but it does work fine in Sandvox and in anything else that uses this fine media browser

  • Finally, I've been playing with Sandvox API. It's really nicely done and you can do quite a bit fairly easily. My first effort is a plugin that adds a new pagelet type "Google Related"



I've been playing with John Gruber's Markdown syntax a bit recently. It seems like a pretty slick solution a number of problems with writing for the web.

What I like about it best is how it sort of 'just does the right thing' (from my point of view). The input text is how *I* would write it and the output is about what I would expect.

Of course it's not very Maccish. Sort of more unixy in feel but I wonder how many people think it's a interesting way to write web pages.

If you are intrigued let me know!


Win Every plugin in existance

Want to own every RW plugin in existance?

Here is your chance


Tired but back

Well to say it was a whirlwind trip is a bit of an understatement, I always enjoy Japan but was it ever muggy on this trip. You wake up in the morning take a shower and never really get dry the rest of the day!

I've had a lot of email in the past days and while I've tried to keep up it's been tough. If you sent me a note and I haven't responded feel free to ping me again.



Hi All,

I'm in Japan for a few days -- It's a reallly short trip ( think I almost spend more time in the Airplane than I do in the entire Country) but it does mean that if you have any questions I may not be able to respond back until I return (Friday, California time) and possibly I won't be in any shape to respond Friday either!



I pushed out a new version of RapidFlickr tonight. 1.1 adds the nifty 'Lighbox V2' effect.

You can see it in action here or here. While I think I got all of the rendering code correct I did have to make a lot of changes so please tell me if something looks broken.

To see the effect click on one of the pictures from the above link, you can hit 'n' and 'p' to go to next and previous picture.


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