Universal Binaries

I was on a tear last night moving to Universal Binaries.

First of all, PorDiBle the open source convert to palm doc format that I maintain is now universal Binary.

Secondly some, ahem, other-projects-that-I-can't-discuss-3.5-plugins were ported to universal binary.

Initially nothing seemed to work and I was in a fair panic but once I actually sat down and calmly read the docs it was as Steve described... you more or less select both i386 and ppc and hit compile -- Kind of amazing.

Of course I can't actually test the universal binaries but maybe I should get something to fix that problem (for testing purposes only of course)


Sitemap 0.84 -- Finally

Sitemap 0.84 is finally up (in the download newest tab)... Lots of improvements but also lots of internal changes and limited testing so I've also kept 0.83 up (in the download stable tab)

Change Log is here...


SiteMap 0.84 (again)

Well I had really hoped to get sitemap 0.84 out tonight but it's not going to happen.

Progress has been a little slow mostly because of the Easter Holiday (Relatives in town) as well as in the US April 14 is 'Tax Day' (e.g. you need to figure out and pay taxes). Needless to say I've been scrambling the last few days gathering receipts!

I actually have a build that seems to work (mostly) fine but I've not had enough testing and i really don't want to subject people to quite yet.

Hopefully I can get 0.84 out Tuesday evening (California time)


Sitemap 0.84

I've gotten a lot of great feedback and suggestions on SiteMap that I'm working on for a 0.84 release. One of the ideas I'm playing with is a better way to document your web site. I've hooked up the ability to create some pretty nice documentation via OmniGraffle & OmniOutliner...

These examples took a few button clicks and then a slight amount of tweaking.... I have no idea if there is any interest or not.... What do you guys think? Let me know


Sitemap 0.82

Thanks to everyone who has tried SiteMap and given great feedback... Although it works well I hope we can work out the last few niggling details soon. Speaking of which we are on the usual beta per day roller coaster (in this case two beta's per day)

I discovered a performance problem where a SiteMap could slow down the editing of your page (it was how I handle notifications of changes).... Version 0.82 is on the server and should fix this. I wouldn't have put one out so soon except for on very large sites it could cause a noticeable delay when editing pages.


Sitemaps again

It's pretty fun to map out your site....

There are lots of opinions on the internet for how to do it best... For instance some people like the good ol tree view

Other folks prefer alphabetical or even by category

Pasted Graphic

What do you prefer? Do you have a favorite?



There is a new feature on my page. I have a site map now...

It wasn't as hard to generate as you might think.

TUAW mention

Rapidflickr got a nice mention at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (or TUAW as it's known to its friends).


The great thing is that they used it in a way that I never considered but it works out to be a pretty neat solution.

If you've tried Rapidflickr and want to purchase a registration to get all of the features I've set up a 10% off coupon to sweeten the deal. Simply use
at checkout to get your 10% off (note the coupon is limited use so when it runs out it's done)


Lockdown 1.5

I'm back from Vegas. It's an interesting town -- it's hard for me to say "I recommend it" since honestly I don't care for it that much but if you have never been you should see it at least once.

The real upside is instead of heading to Germany next week (Which was my original plan) I'm staying home. This is a really good thing. Nothing against Germany but I've been traveling a lot recently (I'm in Monterey right now) and I'm looking forward to a few quiet days at home.

I just put Lockdown 1.5 final up on the server. I've had no problems with b2 and there are only a few minor changes. If you haven't tried it now is the time as it has some nice improvements over Lockdown 1.1


Vegas Baby!


Yes, I'm headed to Vegas.

And no, it's not to feed my gambling habit or to partake in other 'Adult' activities. It's actually for work (Day Job). Apparently you can get really cheap conference centers & hotels and we are having a largish internal meeting with our field organization. They are sending me as an Expert from R&D to help answer questions, etc.

Upshot to anyone who reads this blog is I'll be away from mac-land (my mac is not portable... Something I hope to fix very soon!) but I'm only gone for a few days (Sunday - Tuesday) so it's not a large trip.

In the meantime I'll probably snap a few pictures with my horrible cell phone camera. You can monitor my progress here as I wend my way through Disneyland for Adults.


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