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You may not know this but the busy gnomes at Loghound software have about 5 different plug-in's in various states. The next one I really wanted to get 'out there' is rapidblog but i've recently run into some integration issues (nothing that can't be fixed, it just slowed down my work quite a bit) and to be honest with you working on web services enabled plugin's is a LOT of work...

To that end when I came across my most recent snag with rapidblogger instead of digging in I decided to take a break and actually finish one of my non-web services enabled plugin that I wanted for my own use.

I'm happy to release my next Rapidweaver plugin called Lockdown. It's a simple plugin to solve the vexxing problem of password protecting a page or a series of pages (get it, it will password 'lock' every page underneath it in RW). This plugin won't be for everyone.. It doesn't work on .mac for instance but I think it should work for most other people

So go ahead and give it a spin, you can download it here

As always, your thoughts or comments appreciated

loghound at gmail dot com


Hot on the heels of 0.9 is 0.9.1...

Hot on the heels of 0.9 is 0.9.1..

Defect Fixes:
* The CSS style sheet always forced a white background
* The preview pane wasn't always working (and in fact it still doesn't always work... this may have to go eventally)
* Some spelling mistakes fixed

* You can now choose to sort by many more factors "Relevance", "Interesting" "Date Taken" or "Date Uploaded". The free version only let's you sort by Date Taken
* You can now pick the size of the picture to 'lightbox"
* You can now restrict date search either by "Date Taken" or "Date Uploaded"

Known Problems
* Archiving has a few problems... I need to redo the way I save data, I'll do it in a way so all of your current pages still work.
* Preview pane doesn't work sometimes for what appears to be random reasons, I'm using the webkit engine and I always feed it the data but it stops sometimes...

Get it here



Difference between 0.9 and 0.7? .2!

I'm so excited to release version 0.9 of my rapidflickr plugin... get all the flickr+rapidweaver goodness information here

I know I've been talking about 0.7 but I spent so long getting it out and in testing it was working so well I decided to call it 0.9

Why 0.9 and not 1.0? Basically I've not had as much feedback on the advanced features as I'd like so I wanted to get it out there and see what the community thought first..


Case Insensitive Compare -- Avoid it like a swarm of angry bees

So 0.7 continues to be 'just a few days away'... I've been working on some slick slideshow features that have required me to work with photosets.

Everything was going well until I started running into 'invalid signature' problems. You see when you make authenticated calls to flickr there is a particular method to creating the calls. Part of that mechanism is to create a 'signature' (basically a MD5 sum) of the arguments including a 'secret key'. It's actually kind of a slick system as it provides secure access without having to give out your flickr username & passwd.

I've had authentication working for quite a while but when i tried to use photosets (which require authentication since I'm creating & adding photos to them) it didn't work and complained about 'invalid signature' Thankfully I got help from another cocoa/flickr developer (Blake Seely) who eventually pointed out my problem, I was ordering the arguments wrong.

"How can this be" I thought "I'm using the standard NSString compare functions"... Well not exactly, you see I was using 'caseInsensitiveCompare' not 'compare'. The arguments to photoset include both photo_id and photoset_id. Guess what? Turns out that case insensitive compare sorts them one way and 'compare' the other which was the cause of my signature problem.

It was strange to me until i looked at the ascii chart:

0 nul 1 soh 2 stx 3 etx 4 eot 5 enq 6 ack 7 bel 8 bs 9 ht 10 nl 11 vt 12 np 13 cr 14 so 15 si 16 dle 17 dc1 18 dc2 19 dc3 20 dc4 21 nak 22 syn 23 etb 24 can 25 em 26 sub 27 esc 28 fs 29 gs 30 rs 31 us 32 sp 33 ! 34 " 35 # 36 $ 37 % 38 & 39 ' 40 ( 41 ) 42 * 43 + 44 , 45 - 46 . 47 / 48 0 49 1 50 2 51 3 52 4 53 5 54 6 55 7 56 8 57 9 58 : 59 ; 60 < 61 = 62 > 63 ? 64 @ 65 A 66 B 67 C 68 D 69 E 70 F 71 G 72 H 73 I 74 J 75 K 76 L 77 M 78 N 79 O 80 P 81 Q 82 R 83 S 84 T 85 U 86 V 87 W 88 X 89 Y 90 Z 91 [ 92 \ 93 ] 94 ^ 95 _ 96 ` 97 a 98 b 99 c 100 d 101 e 102 f 103 g 104 h 105 i 106 j 107 k 108 l 109 m 110 n 111 o 112 p 113 q 114 r 115 s 116 t 117 u 118 v 119 w 120 x 121 y 122 z 123 { 124 | 125 } 126 ~ 127 del

Yup, there it is... at 95 the '_' character, right between uppercase and lowercase. Lesson learned


rapidblog in the works

I've gotten a lot of email recently about rapid blog.... Just let me say it's in the works.

Basically it will allow you to edit/manage a blog from either rapidweaver OR remotely through a web interface. Either way you will get the nice rapidweaver page layout.

My goal is a public beta before Valentines Day (February 14)


Back from Germany

Hello All,

I've been in Germany for my 'Day Job' this last week... Now that I'm back I should be able to start doing the work to finish up version 0.7... I usually don't bring a camera with me for business trips but my 4 year old was very insistent that he wanted to see 'Pictures of me' so I brought it and snapped a few pics.... It ended up being pretty fun, below are a few pics

Greg & I Enjoying some brew

On the manufacturing Floor..

German Bagels!!

No 0.7 for at about a week

Hello All

Sorry but 0.7 will be delayed a week. I've been sick the last few days and I'm heading to Europe (sans mac) for my 'day job'. I have a candidate release but it really hasn't been tested enough to release yet... hopefully next sunday.

However let me share a recent build screen shot

Pasted Graphic

See the pictures to the right? That's the live preview.. I'm not 100% sure this feature will make the final release but I'm playing with it (the feature works fine, I'm just getting worried about the UI getting too cluttered). It is sort of slick that as you are changing things this little window is updating in near real time. Any thoughts? Let me know loghound @ gmail . com




version 0.7

Version 0.7 of rapidflickr is close to release..... Hopefully by Saturday evening... If not it will have to wait since I'll be out of the country starting sunday for a week..

Biggest changes include authentication, new visuals (lightbox & drop shadow effect) and registration (sorry) I may not have the purchasing system online yet and in that event I'll just give out a SN that will unlock all of the features (until about mid feb). If you prefer to only use 'free' features just don't enter the SN and the features that are enabled will always be free.

Hey, how did you do that?

So I'm going to macworld in a few days and I'm sooooo excited. Isaiah was laughing at me because I'm geeking out even more than he is. Right now my plan is to be there tuesday & wednesday (sadly I can't stay through thursday because I need to get some work done at my day job)

So I was thinking it would be fun to set up a blog of what I see & do, and since I own a fine Treo 650 phone I can pretty easily take pictures, add a little text (using the surprisingly good keyboard) and then mail them out.

in order to make it somehow cohesive I put a seperate blog for macworld '06 coverage here and I'll send updates via my phone throughout the day. Right now it just has a few pics of my kids as I was testing the service.....

"But wait" you say "How can this be? Your new blog is a Rapidweaver blog and we all know that you can't remotely manage them. You have to be on the original computer that made the web page to add entries

is that so?

Funny.. I was able to send emails to have the blog automatically update and I'm able to edit it online and I'm able to create new posts away from my mac, but it sure looks like a native RW page... If I change themes then it updates properly... For instance compare this and this. Same exact blog but different themes applied without any other changes!

(edit 1/21/06 the e-mail link below has been disabled but trust me, it works)
Hey, maybe you can try it. Send e-mail to and then refresh this or this page...

Hmmm too bad someone hasn't made a plug in to enable this in an really easy way.......


A new feature on display

Well I was originally going to have my next version out before Macworld but for a couple of reasons (including my concern over what Apple introduces in the way of iWeb) I may not make it

However I do have a teaser.... What new feature am I showing here but I'm not showing here?

It really shouldn't be that hard to notice (and the fact that the pictures on the two pages are different sizes has nothing to do with it)

Let me give you a hint. It's a feature that makes viewing 'gallery' type pages like this much more enjoyable... You sort of don't lose your place in the gallery.

Another hint. in the blog entry from yesterday you can see the new option in the GUI. (scroll down a bit to look at some of the new options)

Think you know it? Email me at loghound @ gmail . com


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