version 0.7

Version 0.7 of rapidflickr is close to release..... Hopefully by Saturday evening... If not it will have to wait since I'll be out of the country starting sunday for a week..

Biggest changes include authentication, new visuals (lightbox & drop shadow effect) and registration (sorry) I may not have the purchasing system online yet and in that event I'll just give out a SN that will unlock all of the features (until about mid feb). If you prefer to only use 'free' features just don't enter the SN and the features that are enabled will always be free.

Hey, how did you do that?

So I'm going to macworld in a few days and I'm sooooo excited. Isaiah was laughing at me because I'm geeking out even more than he is. Right now my plan is to be there tuesday & wednesday (sadly I can't stay through thursday because I need to get some work done at my day job)

So I was thinking it would be fun to set up a blog of what I see & do, and since I own a fine Treo 650 phone I can pretty easily take pictures, add a little text (using the surprisingly good keyboard) and then mail them out.

in order to make it somehow cohesive I put a seperate blog for macworld '06 coverage here and I'll send updates via my phone throughout the day. Right now it just has a few pics of my kids as I was testing the service.....

"But wait" you say "How can this be? Your new blog is a Rapidweaver blog and we all know that you can't remotely manage them. You have to be on the original computer that made the web page to add entries

is that so?

Funny.. I was able to send emails to have the blog automatically update and I'm able to edit it online and I'm able to create new posts away from my mac, but it sure looks like a native RW page... If I change themes then it updates properly... For instance compare this and this. Same exact blog but different themes applied without any other changes!

(edit 1/21/06 the e-mail link below has been disabled but trust me, it works)
Hey, maybe you can try it. Send e-mail to and then refresh this or this page...

Hmmm too bad someone hasn't made a plug in to enable this in an really easy way.......


A new feature on display

Well I was originally going to have my next version out before Macworld but for a couple of reasons (including my concern over what Apple introduces in the way of iWeb) I may not make it

However I do have a teaser.... What new feature am I showing here but I'm not showing here?

It really shouldn't be that hard to notice (and the fact that the pictures on the two pages are different sizes has nothing to do with it)

Let me give you a hint. It's a feature that makes viewing 'gallery' type pages like this much more enjoyable... You sort of don't lose your place in the gallery.

Another hint. in the blog entry from yesterday you can see the new option in the GUI. (scroll down a bit to look at some of the new options)

Think you know it? Email me at loghound @ gmail . com


Let's clean it up for the kids

Ok, day two of my blog (well technically it's day 3 since I skipped yesterday).

Some big news today, the 'rumor' sites were saying that a new iLife app, 'iWeb' is to be released at macworld next week. Depending on what Apple actually does it could be very, very bad for RapidWeaver

Let's take a look at the three scenarios, shall we?

  1. Apple puts out a doggy version 1.0 app that only works with .mac -> Possibly this is actually good for RW (get folks interested in the idea of their own web page but leave em wanting more)

  2. Apple puts out a decent app, (based on pages) and charges < $35 for it -> Probably this is the death of RW

  3. Apple puts out a decent app, bundles it with iLife -> This is the death of RW

Not too optimistic am I, only way RW survives in any meaningful way is if apple either doesn't do it or they flub it... Before we get in a panic let's see what they do next week.

Now on to a more fun topic. rapidflickr

The nice thing about how I did this app was the technology preview/beta has a ton of 'infrastracture' work complete meaning to add new features I just need to start 'hooking stuff up' in a fairly small way

For instance....

Pasted Graphic 1

Yes that's right... I have authenticated searches working... and they work great. Now you can create a photo page of any of your photos (public or private)

I'm also working on a bunch of new styles

Pasted Graphic 2

This (hopefully) won't be the Final ui... It's more of a playground right now for me but you can see what version 1.0 will look like.

Any comments or suggestions? let me know at loghound @ gmail dot com

It's not half ass... It's whole ass!

Ok, I know it... I need a blog...

Truth be told I'm so busy on working on rapidflickr that I really haven't had time to things such as update the web page... make it look halfway decent, etc.

So it occurs to me tonight that even though this is a 'half ass' (no, no, it's really a whole ass) it probably makes sense to get SOMETHING out there as opposed to NOTHING... So this is what you are seeing...

First a thanks:

Let me start out by publicly thanking Isaiah Carew for all of the great help he's given me so far... My plugin development days would not be nearly as far along without his help..

Now on to an update

Let's talk about rapidflickr... So far the response has been quite nice, several hundred downloads but I've yet to receive an email about a problem or bug... I suppose my first public beta release was so bullet proof that no one has a problem or (just perhaps) people aren't using it?

I suppose upon reflection that the market for this plugin could be quite small. Basically the intersection of flickr users & rapidweaver users. I'm hopeful that with some of the new features in the works this plugin will increase that set of people.


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