First a rapidblog update... Progress has been slow for several reasons not the least of which Is I think I caught Nik's cold from across the pond. I'm still inching along but I refuse to continue to put out estimates of the first public beta.

Now a Lockdown update. Just put 1.1 up, download it
and see the change log
.... This fixes an annoying problem I was getting about once every two weeks where someone was able to get the password prompt but the password was never accepted. Turns out in some cases I wasn't pointing to the password file correctly. I also took this opportunity to fix up some error handling & messages.

Finally a rapidflickr update. This continues to soak up a lot of my time... It's sort of a labor of love for me at this point... The number of people who are heavy flickr users & rapidweaver users isn't so big but I just enjoy the idea of this plugin so much I can't stop adding features. On dock is Group support and a modified 'lightbox' effect to make it seem a bit, well,
plus a few other misc bug fixes & clean ups (Sadly, group support has turned into a bit more work than i expected as they don't function like other parts of Flickr... Look for a new version later this weekend)


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