In the last 4-6 months I've worked on three seperate iPhone apps.  The previous two attempts were aborted when I saw something very similar appear in the app store.
This time is different... I'm making practice and the app is actually usable to me today.  I'm currently trying to line up help with artwork and putting some finishing touches on feature set but it's close, very close.
So what changed?  Did I think of an idea so freakishly creative that no one else has done it?
Sadly, no.  Initially I thought it was unique but I know of at least three other apps with very similar functionality but this time I've actively ignored them.  Yes, thats right, instead of doing the 'sane' thing of looking at the other products and thinking how I could do it better I've ignored them -- I know they exist but I'm choosing to pretend they don't.  I intend to ignore them up until the point I'm done and then maybe, just maybe, I'll take a peek (to make sure what I push out to the app store is at least competitive)
It's crazy but its working -- I'm happily working on my app with my head in the sand.  It's kind of like having a baby and not finding out the sex.  You get a planned suprise -- Completely rationale? perhaps not but it's the only way I can keep from giving up.
I'll post again when It's up in the app store (or, if I give up I'll post and let you know why)
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