Sep 12 predictions

Well as has become customary around the ol' blogosphere (why does everything become a 'sphere'?) people are throwing out predictions for what Steve-o will be saying this Tuesday.

I did pretty well on my WWDC predictions so here goes again:

  • Sure Bets
    • Increased Nanos
    • Movie Downloads
    • Increased capacity ipods (40GB & 80GB)
  • Possible but less than 50%
    • New widescreen ipod
    • Some wireless video extender (Airport express for Video?)
    • New airport base-station (802.11n based)
    • Announce a deal for e-book reading on ipods (with widescreen ipod?)
  • No Way
    • Iphone
    • Wireless Ipod
    • xmac (something less than MacPro based on desktop proc but upgradable video card, hard drive, etc.)

Personally I'd LOVE to see a widescreen 40&80GB ipod that can read e-books... I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Oh, I'm also this (holds fingers really close together) close to releasing PlusKit for general availability but based on the amount of negative stuff going on in the RW forums I decided to hold back a bit (I know, old fashioned of me to actually have a product ready to go before I announce it... what can I say?)

I know a few of you have played with my "StyledPlus" or "Markdown" plugin, you may be wondering why it's called PlusKit? Well let's say I've juiced it up with a few more features including one I call the "MrTonk" memorial feature.

Assuming my testing doesn't find any show stoppers look for it in the next 48 hours.


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