0.9.3b5 & group support

I have group support working so now you can view photos via Groups. They can be public, private, invite only and you can even narrow your search via tags within a group (or leave tags empty and get the 'N' most recent groups) -- of course groups work with lives updates -- The only restriction is you can only view groups you've subscribed to (I think this should be OK?)

However I don't have 0.9.3b5 up on the server yet
... Group support which I did as 'a quickie' turned into a massive amount of changes partially due to the fact that groups act strangely different than the other elements of flickr and partly to the fact that I, personally, never use groups much so I didn't do a good job initially planning for it.

Consequently I've had to make a HUGE number of internal changes, a good part of it was much needed maintaince so I can't completely blame groups but the result is it's late and although it seems to be working well, I really haven' tested it enough (and it's getting very late where I live) so I decided to let it 'sit' for another 24 hours before I unleash it on the public.

The good thing is I found a number of potential problems that are now (I hope) no longer issues AND I've continued to improve error handling AND I've fixed a major worry I've had since 0.5 -- How do you handle a situation where a person isn't on the network? Now rapidflickr detects if you don't have a network connection and recovers gracefully (e.g. it tells you "can't connect to flickr")... Great for folks editing their sites with a laptop away from a wlan hotspot.

I've put an example of groups
, it's the RapidWeaver users group... Look for 0.9.3b5 about 11:00PM california time/Monday.


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