Why not join the club: Leopard predications

So it seems that everyone and their mother is giving out predictions for Leopard and WWDC in general. For what it's worth here are my thoughts.

  • New Mac Pros (that's a gimme), upgrade MBP+MB+IMacs+mac mini to core 2. New Displays with eyesight.
  • Ipod: No significant announcements (although I'd love the rumored ipod+ebook reader!) -- Maybe a '8Gb' Nano
  • Intel: "our most successful transition ever"

  • All of the usual goodies (safari 3.0, upgrades to core apps such as mail, addresss book, etc.)
  • Timeframe: no way will it be released this year. Figure Jan/Feb 07 at earliest (I may live to eat these words!)
  • Garbage collection in Obj-c!
  • Improvements to Core Video/Audio/Graphics/Data. Quartz 2D extreme (whatever its called) officially turned on
  • Virtualization: no big news here. Parallels type solution (perhaps) or boot camp but nothing radically new
  • XCode 3.0 -- A nice incremental upgrade.
  • Dashcode is finally announced (even though it ships with macbooks!)



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