random thoughts

Well it's been quite a day -- I've been meaning to do some really well thought out, nice blogs since that hasn't been happening I thought I would throw out a few random thoughts.

First of all the fine folks at Apple released the Macbook. I must say I'm fairly impressed at the features & price point. Isaiah purchased a 17" MBP which he loves and while I'm totally jealous of it, I've really been looking for something small & portable. I'll run down to the Apple store tomorrow but if they have them in stock I might be coming home with one -- The only bummer is the graphics chipset is kind of cheesy (Intel 950) but I do love that small size!

Also the fine folks at Flickr updated their web interface. Really nice... It's always been the killer online photosite and know it's even better! Combined with RapidFlickr this is a great way to share photos.

I've also been working a bit on RapidBlog. It had become moribund but recently I've picked it up and made some steady progress... Still a ways to go and I'm not going to make any estimates at this point since I've been spectacular at missing them but it may see light of day some day.

Finally, I really need to talk briefly about Palm OS vs. Pocket PC. I recently purchased a Dell AXIM X51V which I mostly use for reading e-books. Great hardware but the software... well let's just say for all it's warts it makes Palm OS look really good (my cell phone is a Treo 650 which I love even though it's big)

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