RapidBlog 1.50b2

It's been a while since I posted a update to my blog but I've been working on this one for a while (not non stop which explains why it's taken so long) I've just pushed up a beta of RapidBlog 1.5 -- This includes most of the feature requests I've had in the last few months (well, most of the requests that are implementable)
  • Upgrading the blog rendering to be more consistent with the built in blog
  • Permalink can now be the title of the post
  • Show/Hide comments can optionally be placed
  • Error message improvements
  • The blog comment introduction "Jack said...." can now be customized
  • Setup now uses the standard RW setup method, not it's own window
  • And you can re-arrange the order in which the blog renders out -- want the date below the body?  no problem, just re-arrange it from the setup menu.
If you are brave and feel like playing give it a try.   Of course you can always go back to the current shipping version so it's pretty safe to play with.  If your favorite feature request is not included let me know as I'm still working on it and (of course) let me know what problems you see.

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