Off to Japan


Well I'm off to Japan tomorrow (for my "Day Job"), it was an odd week for me. I spent a few days updating Rapidflickr to include sets and fix some rendering issues and although it ended up taking more time than I expected I really enjoyed getting back into Rapidflickr for a few days (although at one point i got a little depressed since it reminded me how far it still is from my vision). I have decided that the next 'big thing' for Rapidflickr is live updates and that will co-incide with release 1.0 (sometime after the first Rapidblog public beta)

I also spent a lot of time this week preparing for next week which kept me pretty busy so progress on Rapidblog wasn't very much. I've gotten the syncing to RW working fairly well although right now I've got some odd date problems (I can't get my app to agree on timezones with Blogger.. In fact it's not even time zones, I get weird 5'ish minute errors after a blog entry is posted from RW -> Blogger -> RW. I'm guess it's my date formatting.

A while back I started telling people that Rapidblog beta would start mid-March.. That still feels possible and it's still my goal. I return on Friday morning (California Time) so look for the next update sometime after that (although if you are
catch an update before then)



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