Pirates Vs. Ninjas

Hi All, You can now refer to me as "The award winning director" as I've just received a honerable mention in my documentary efforts to capture the struggle between Pirates & Ninjas. At my dinner table a constant source of discussions goes like this "Dad, which is better? x or y?" -- Where (x,y) = (superman, batman) or (basketball, baseball) or (Pirates, Ninjas) As it turns out we were not the only ones asking said questions -- On YouTube similar questions were asked

We of course had to express our opinion and along with 700 other people we voted, here was our vote

After the voting was in the winner was declared.. Ninjas! -- However when you watch the award video, if you wait to the very end you'll see list of 'honorable' mentions -- look who is 4th on the list!
-John "Award Winning Directory" M

Leopard stuff I can't discuss and quicken for mac stinks

I've been testing loghound.com plugins on Leopard these last several days -- Truth be told even though I've had access to the seed for almost a year I didn't spend much time in it.
Anyway I've had probably half a dozen "holy #$@#" moments in leopard -- Small things that aren't mentioned in the '300 items' Apple talks about (probably too small to make the cut) but to me it is this moment of brilliance.  I wish I could share a few of them right now, perhaps I'll do a blog post friday evening.   
Don't get me wrong, these are not 'big huge' suprises, it's just little things here and there that really put a smile on my face.
By the way, quicken for the mac Sucks -- No, sucks is too generous.  It's embarassing.  Apple -- On the PC side everyone is scared to make Financial apps because quicken (& microsoft money) have such a stranglehold.  On the mac side though it's pitiful how bad the choices are.  It's no wonder there are folks who dare tread into this market.
The 'killer feature' that Quicken has (in my books) is the online access and ability to do bill pay.  This is a must have for me.  Anyway after giving quicken mac a good month of testing I still can't find anything nice to say about it so I'm going back to quicken windows (using parallels)
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I was downloading a file yesterday and I looked up at MenuMeters and saw something that sort of stunned me.

It was saying the download was 2MB/sec.

Now keep in mind that is MB=Mega Byte, so 2MB is 16Mbits/second.

I'm on a cable modem and I actually pay an extra $10 a month to get the 'gold' package of 8mbps. Previously I had a wireless DSL connection that would get me 1mbps so I was oh-so-happy to get the cable modem (it wasn't available in my area until recently)

So I had gotten used to seeing max downloads of 1MB/s, but what was this?


A little snooping let me to dslreports.com forums where I found out that it's true. Comcast (my cable provider) is rolling out 16mbps, apparently I was recently provisioned.

Needless to say I was pretty happy. It's sort of amazing to have a connection this fast, very few sites can fill my pipe so I can download away and still cruise the web without any apparent slow downs -- It make me start thinking of all sorts of crazy ideas of how you could use this much bandwidth.

For a person who remembers painfully logging on with 300 baud modems on a vic-20 it's amazing how far we've come.

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