loads o' options

Well, if you ever read the RW forums you know that there are least three options for Markdown now. I've kind of debated internally about what to do but at this point I'm in 'a groove' with my version so I've continued development

So what, you may ask, is in this most recent build? Well beyond fixing some HORRIBLE bugs that caused the system to core dump I've not implemented a caching subsystem. It's pretty slick and should really speed up renders. By default it's in 'smart' mode which means it caches unless the page changes but you can select no caching by saying 'cache=none' or you can force it to desperley cache by saying 'cache=always' (the difference between the default and 'always' is for always it keeps the cache even if the RW page changes. It only looses the cache if you change the actual command signature). Right now the cache only lives as long as you are running RW. Once you quit the cache is gone (to be fixed in a future release)

So let's summarize: There 5 StylePlus tags and each one has 4 arguments you can pass:

The tags are:

  • markdown
  • textile
  • bash
  • applescript
  • python

The arguments you can pass are (default in bold)

  • cache=default \| none \| always
  • warning=true \| false
  • timeout = 5 \| (some number of seconds)
  • files=_FILES_ | (something else that you want to refer to remove files with)
  • outputdir= (some local directory you want copied to the server)

Of course, there is also the @import ((some other page)) command. I've not worked on this much and it still doesn't cache

Don't worry I'll get some better docs and examples up soon but for the truely brave you can get the newest copy here


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