Rapidblog Update

I've gone back and forth in my mind on the value of blogging my progress on rapidblog. On the one hand I know a lot of folks are interested, on the other you see all the development process...

Do you know the adage about making Sausage?
Basically it ain't pretty.

Having said that I don't think anyone reads this little blog anyway so I'm pretty safe :-)

For the latest rapidblog results I humbly point you to

Since I'm in pretty active development this 'test' blog may change pretty fast... here are a few screen shots of the GUI (note the GUI is totally barebones right now... just something to test the underlying code)

Picture 1

Here is the resulting web page...

Picture 3

With this I've done both directions... I've remotely blogged from the blogger web interface and I've blogged from within Rapidweaver.. Furthermore I'm able to edit Rapidweaver posts in blogger and blogger posts in Rapidweaver.

Still TONS of work to do but steady progress continues to be made... Note that I have to go to Japan next week so my estimates for end of this month beta are probably not going to happen... New estimate is no later than mid march.


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