New Look

If you are reading this then on the web then you are seeing the new look. I've been trying to migrate over for a while and although I haven't got my final site tweaked up yet I've decided to go live (otherwise I may never change it).

Overall I'm happy with the direction so far. it feels much cleaner than my old "everything at the top level" design -- One thing that tough about running a small business like, especially if your work gets done in the evenings after your 'day job' is that every night you have to decide "Do I work on plugins, customer defects, clean up documentation or fix up my web site" I usually put customer problems first and web site clean up last!

The biggest thing that strikes me as I redo my site is how amazing Rapidweaver is. I'm able to take my entire site and with relatively small amounts of effort completely change the look and organization. Amazing.

The theme is badNas from SeyDoggy and Adam has also been great in getting me new graphics -- The Lockdown icon was designed by him and look for other applications icons to come out in the coming weeks.


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