More Secret Menu items

Hot off the heels of my seminal 'secret menu items' blog (har) comes another one. This one requires that you download a new build of Pluskit but it turns on some pretty interesting features. Below is a screenshot of the new feature. It may appear a bit small so you might want to click on it to get a full size picture.

Picture 4

First let me say that this one is really rough right now... I may not even ever release it but I'm curious to get some feedback if it's useful or not. You can now automatically 'lighbox' images that you drag & drop into styled text. This is great for putting small thumbnails in but still allowing for 'full res' pictures. There are a number of ways you can specify how to do it. In the example above I only auto-lightbox if it's a blog type and the picture is < 75% scaled (so the above picture will automatically create a lightbox while the one below will not since it's at 100%

Pasted Graphic 1

Again, this is still pretty rough.. I wouldn't use it on any serious sight but it's ok to play around with if you would like. There is one big problem right now in that if you have a link assigned to a graphic but the rules also allow you lightbox it then the lightbox will win (e.g. it doesn't play nicely with links).

Anyway let me know what you think -- I'm really interested in feedback on this one.

You can download it here


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