For the brave

If you are brave there is a new toy to play with. It still needs a fair bit of work but I'm willing to let it out of my clutches if you are brave.

What does it do you may ask? Well it adds a bunch of new features to styled text. Here a few.

  1. It allows markdown syntax. Use the tags <markdown> and </markdown> and put markdown text in between.
  2. It allows you to execute arbitrary commands and have the contents replace it. For instance <bash> date </bash> gives you the following: Tue Feb 27 23:22:37 PST 2007

  3. It allows importing of another page. Use the syntax (where other page is the title of another page to import)

  4. It uses Growl for notifications (turn that off with cmd-l or format->Style Plus)

To use it simply install it... No need to add a special page. What's neat is it works in blogs, sidebars, blocks, etc. Everywhere you have styled text.

While the basic bits & pieces are in place it's still not tested very much so I can guarantee there are bugs.

You can download it here. I'll probably but a broader announcement up in the rapidweaver forums but I thought I'd push it out here a few days early for anyone who happens to read this.

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