Won't be on the Mac App store (for now at least)

I've been working on my first 'real' Mac App (real in the sense that it's standalone, not RapidWeaver related as such and will actually be completed)

One thing I've decided (for now anyway) is that I will *not* offer it on the Apple Mac App store.

Why?  I want to actually have a relationship with my customers -- If I go to the Apple Mac App store then Apple is in the middle without adding any real value (except perhaps for a bigger reach)-- I never have details of who my customers are and they feel 'extra removed' from me.

When you buy anything from my store I send you a receipt with (among other things) information about how to contact us if there is a problem, when you download a new version you get it from my server with my release notes (via sparkle) and if I find  a problem I can push out a fix in minutes.  -- No such luck with the Apple Mac App store.

By the way my new app syncs flickr & iPhoto, hit this if you are interested in beta testing.

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