Loving me some chrome

Unless you have been under a rock you have heard about Google's new browser Chrome.
Well, not new exactly, it uses WebKit the same rendering engine that we know & love in Safair (really, webkit is amazingly well done) but they added their own goodies.
Right now it's Windows only (Mac & Linux "Real Soon Now") but after installing it yesterday I can say it's replaced Firefox as my windows browser.
Unlike Safari for Windows Google hasn't tried to port a mac app to windows.  The have made a windows browswer on Webkit which is a much more satisfying experience.   Add to that the process-per-tab and slick way they drag in & out coupled with WebKit's already very good rendering speed and the new javascript V8 engine and you have, well, a very compelling product.
I've been a diehard safari user for the last year on the Mac but I'll likely be using Chrome when it comes out on the Mac.
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