I'm always interested in new web development technologies or software on the mac for (ahem) the obvious reasons. I was pretty interested to see a blog post over the weekend from the guys at Panic that they would be releasing a significant product on monday for folks who do web development. So it's released, it's called coda and it looks to be designed for guys who design by hand (?) I haven't tried it yet since I'm at my day job (thanks to RapidBlog I can comment though) It looks pretty interesting, they include a text editor/shell/refernce/css editor. If you code your own sites (or need to debug sites) it's probably pretty valuable. I'm not sure, however, that the average RapidWeaver customer would use it much (but maybe I'm wrong) -- Probably power users will find it valuable for the last minute 'tweaking' or for those of us who write themes or plugins it'll be great to debug but I'm not sure it's a general purpose development tool (unless, of course, you like to do it all from scratch) Anyway I'll play with it tonight and update this post as appropriate. [Update] Well I've spent about an hour with it. It sure is purty. No doubt about it it's the slickest edit your site with raw HTML tool ever produced. Will I use it? Probably.... I'm a junkie for tools like this and it'll come in handy often enough. Of course I'll probably continue to do most of my editing with HyperEdit

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