Xcode 3.0 goofiness

Like many people I frantically crawled the web looking for more details after the WWDC keynote. As a develooper I'm always interested in development tools improvements and so I gleefully started reading about Xcode 3.0. Slowly though my excitement turned to, well, puzzlement.

You see there were some very odd things posted to the Xcode 3.0 site right after the keynote, I guess apple agreed because it's now slightly less goofy. For your pleasure I present 'Xcode 3.0 -- Morning and Night'. I'm sorry for the 'wide' format but I wanted to show a few of these side by side.

You can download the web archive from this morning here and compare it to this one that's live.

Xcode 3.0 page August 7 @ 8:00PMXcode 3.0 page August 7 @ ~11:30 AM

Pasted Graphic 2
Notice the smooth transition from interface builder to debugging.

Pasted Graphic
Notice the bizarre references to stepping. "If stepping wears you down?"

Pasted Graphic 3

note odd reference to Civ 4, but overall somewhat coherent

Pasted Graphic 4
Note bizarre reference to reality & Pentagon

There are a few odd thing that appear in both versions of the web page

Pasted Graphic 5

"Because it's 2006" Is that even a sentence?

Pasted Graphic 6
"You'll make mistakes just to see it in action"? Seriously?

Pasted Graphic 7

"So Compelling," What does that even mean? Who's writing this copy?

Ok, enough grousing..... I do like the cut of it's jib, just wished they had not let the 14 year old high school girl down the street write the web page for it.


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