RapidBlog 1.5b7

RapidBlog 1.50b7

Fixed up a bunch of warnings in the PHP code and a few other defects. Big change is Gravatar Support (it should be turned on for this blog to get a feel of how it works) -- As always the 1.5 series are not getting much testing as I'm looking for feedback -- It's pretty safe to try them but be a little careful before you put it on a product blog.

To use the Gravatar Support get a (free) Gravatar Account and enter your 'blogger' name and 'gravatar email' in the setup menu (under 'display'

Get it here

And yes before you ask -- I realize the setup menu GUI is a bit of a mess right now, I"m planning an overhaul before 1.5 final goes out but things are changing fast enough that I'm willing to let it slide (for now)

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