Where did that space go?

Making RapidWeaver plugins I often have customers report problems that I can't reproduce.   A common way I deal with this is to ask them to send me their RapidWeaver project files so I can see exactly how they have it configured.

Almost every time I ask the common answer is "Ok, I'll try but it's Big!" -- recently I got the question (in an offhand way) about why it was so big so I thought I would share a little secret.

There is a pretty easy way to get a good view of where your chewing through storage in RapidWeaver.

Here is how you do it.

  1. Make a backup of your RapidWeaver project file first… While this procedure shouldn't cause any damage it's probably safer to play with a backup.
  2. Download GrandPerspective (Edit: See note at bottom on Disk Inventory X) -- This is a neat little app that shows you graphically disk usage.
  3. Right click on your rapidweaver project and select 'show package contents'.  You should see two folders "Pages" and "DefaultPageAttributes" - You'll need the "Pages" folder later.
  4. Open GrandPerspective and select "Scan Folder" (file -> Scan Folder)
  5. In the open dialog drag the "Pages" folder from your RapidWeaver bundle over to the open dialog (You have to do this because by default GrandPespective will not scan a bundle and will not let you navigate to a bundle)
  6. Hit Scan
  7. Up will pop a pretty picture showing you how space is allocate -- you, of course, will want to focus on the big blocks.  As you select one the bottom bar will show the size as well as the 'path' of the data.  For instance I have one that is called "1-Home002FPlugins/4-Lockdown/ChildPages/4-FAQ/Data.archive" -- This means it's a page under my Home Plugins/Lockdown/FAQ folder (you will have different paths but the names should give you a clue)
  8. From here you can decide what to do -- Perhaps you need to put in smaller graphics or split the page up.

/Volumes/UserData/Users/johnmcl/Dropbox/RapidWeaver Sites/Loghound.com Main Site.rwsw/Pages - 20:25:36

[Edit]: Biochi pointed me to Dir Inventory X.  It's seens to work much better than GrandPerspective for this as you can directly select the package and it will index it (without all of the show package contents nonsense) PLUS it has the advantage of letting you navigate by folder, check it out.
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