New Lockdown features & Pricing.

I've put up a new version of lockdown with a much requested feature -- You can now select a 'per user' redirect page. This means if you want one central log in but you want to redirect people to their specific page you can now do that within lockdown.

Please keep in mind that page redirection is different than security. If everyone has an account under one Lockdown page then they can access all of the content (even if you redirect them to their specific page). If you care about this you have a few options.

1) You can hide the menus in RW and use non obvious URL's... This is sort of security by obscurity but if it may be enough for most folks.
2) If you absolutely need the redirected pages to have protection you can send them to a second Lockdown page that only they have an account on.

On a different, but related note, you may have noticed a small ($2) increase in Lockdown -- Lockdown has the highest support load of any of my plugins and so I made a small price increase in concert with the newest version to more accurately reflect the amount of work it is.

If you were thinking of buying Lockdown but are now 'drats... too late', don't worry. I've set up a coupon code OLDLKDOWNPRICE that is 20% off which gets you back to the old price -- This coupon is good until Dec 1, 2006.


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