Evernote Power tip

Here is an idea -- whenever I pass one of those heart rate machines that are avaialble at drug stores and the ilk I jump on, get a reading and then using the Evernote  iPhone app I take a picture of the results.

Then every few weeks I go through and enter the date/time and readings into a spreadsheet (well in my case I enter it into my fitbit account but the point is to keep track of it somewhere)

What makes Evernote great about this is it syncs to all of your computers/devices so when you have a few moments you can go through and transfer the results of your measurements (I then delete them as I have no need to keep pictures of my measurements).  Evernote is also great because you can use the thumbnail view to quickly find all of the measurements you haven't entered.  

No fuss, no muss and a  hassle free way to keep long term track of your blood pressure.

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