It's not half ass... It's whole ass!

Ok, I know it... I need a blog...

Truth be told I'm so busy on working on rapidflickr that I really haven't had time to things such as update the web page... make it look halfway decent, etc.

So it occurs to me tonight that even though this is a 'half ass' (no, no, it's really a whole ass) it probably makes sense to get SOMETHING out there as opposed to NOTHING... So this is what you are seeing...

First a thanks:

Let me start out by publicly thanking Isaiah Carew for all of the great help he's given me so far... My plugin development days would not be nearly as far along without his help..

Now on to an update

Let's talk about rapidflickr... So far the response has been quite nice, several hundred downloads but I've yet to receive an email about a problem or bug... I suppose my first public beta release was so bullet proof that no one has a problem or (just perhaps) people aren't using it?

I suppose upon reflection that the market for this plugin could be quite small. Basically the intersection of flickr users & rapidweaver users. I'm hopeful that with some of the new features in the works this plugin will increase that set of people.


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