MWSF09 predictions

I'm actually kind of excited this year -- The rumor mill has been pretty quiet which means either
  1. There is nothing to announce
  2. Apple has kept a good lid on it
Here is my wish list of things I want to see -- Unlike some pundits *everything on this list is achievable today* -- I'm ignoring the obvious (iLife 09) and the boring (update to time capsule)
  1. iPhone nano -- No big screen, no apps -- just a phone that syncs your contacts, calendars and is an ipod (possibly wireless syncing with mobile me) -- A great phone for folks who don't need the big screen (I'd get one for my wife) and who don't want to pay the data fee.
  2. i7 based computers -- Ideally a 4 core iMac (24+ LED screen)
  3. App store reforms with trial period for apps.
That's it -- If I get 2 out of 3 I'll be a happy guy.
[Update after keynote]
  1. iPhone nano -- FAIL
  2. i7  based computer - FAIL
  3. App store reforms - FAIL
New iWork & iLife seems promising but hardly worth a MW keynote, new 17" is fine (and expected) 
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