Loghound Plugins & RapidWeaver 4.0

First of all I'm using a new feature of RapidBlog -- I set the 'date' in the future (4:30 to be exact). Because of RapidBlog's dynamic nature that means at exactly 4:00 in the morning my time (which is no doubt some reasonable hour in the UK) this post will appear. This is good for two reasons.
  • I don't want to spoil the launch of RW4.0
  • I don't want to be up at 4:00 in the morning
The main point of this post is to point out that all of my plugins have been upgraded to work with RW4.0. With the exception of RapidBlog they all needed some sort of change (RapidFlickr seems to work perfectly as is!). I'll also point out that all plugins work fine in RW3.6 and RW4.0 so if you want to upgrade the plugins but don't want to upgrade RW4.0 right away you should be safe. So just for reference here is the list of plugins and required version numbers for use in RW4.0 (again they all work in RW3.6)
RapidBlog Version 1.54 (or greater)
RapidFlickr Version 1.29u (or greater)
Lockdown Version 1.76u (or greater)
PlusKit Version 1.40 (or greater)
FaqMaker Version 1.08 (or greater)
SiteMap Version 1.61u (or greater)
Of course as the RW4.0 floodgates open up it's possible that other problems will be found, so keep an eye on the loghound plugin RSS feed for any critical updates. Happy Weaving!

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