I just put 0.9.3b5 on up on the server, you can get it by going to change log

I'm not going to announce it widely at this point... only for folks who frequent my blog and are brave enough to risk running it.

This ended up being a big update... Externally not much has changed but a lot amount of internal code clean up. I think it's all work works fine (in all of my test cases it's fine) but I really want a few of you adventurous souls to try it out and report back thumbs up or thumbs down before I announce it on the Forum.


* Group Support... To use groups click on the 'Flickr Username' pulldown... if you have authenticated with rapidflickr and have groups they show up in this pull down to select. you can narrow your group search via tags if you like -- Of course this works with live updates also
* Preview Pane now work after a 'load' -- Previously the preview pane was only functional if you started a new pane. Now it will work after you load a saved file (but it won't actually show anything until you change something so load an old file and then change something such as authentication on/off or tags or selected group, etc.) -- It's still not working like I want but it's closer
* on-line detection. I now detect if your computer is online or not. It works fine for me and detects if I unplug lan cable, etc. but PLEASE tell me if rapidflickr reports it can't connect (for fun you can get off the network and see this working)
* Improved error checking.. I try harder to catch & detect errors from both user & Flickr.
* Dirty Bit is now set if you change things like # of columns, etc.
* Improved error messages (I think improved anyway)

Get it

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