I've been working on documentation the last few days, every time I do this it reminds me how hard this stuff is.

One of the fun aspects of running your own (small) business is that you are everything, CEO, coder, support, learning products (e.g. documentation). At my 'Day Job' I only have one role that usually doesn't involve writing customer facing documentation but at it's pretty much me (I've tried more than once to recruit my wife but she, oddly, expresses very little interest in writing docs)

Anyway one lesson I've learned from previous plugins is that after a product launches you are usually so busy doing support, bug fixes, etc. that you don't have time to work on docs. the intention is always to do it ("Oh, I'll release it and then do docs for the next few days") but it never seems to work out that way.

So this time I'm doing it different and trying to get relatively complete docs up before I release (novel concept, I know)

So for two days I've been working on them and man, it's like tough, First there is the actual content -- Writing something that actually makes sense and flows. Then there is the structure, what goes where and how to organize it and finally the formatting & graphics.

In most big bigger companies there are people who work on this full time, all day, and I now know why.

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