A few new things

I've been playing with a few different projects recently... I thought it was time to point them out to anyone who reads this (which, you know, including my mom is two people)

  • I've added a handy google search bar to let you search the content of the web site. Go forth and Google!

  • I've begun to play with Javascript a little bit. I've honestly never spent much time with it but it's sort of fun and there are some cute things you can do with it. For example you can look here to see a small script that opens your flickr photos in an external page

  • Thirdly, I've released a plug in for iMediaBrowser that adds your delicious bookmarks to the browser. It's not complete and this version will time out in early August (I just want to make sure everyone gets the final version) but give it a spin if you like. One caution: Due to the way the RealMac guys implemented the browser it doesn't work in RapidWeaver but it does work fine in Sandvox and in anything else that uses this fine media browser

  • Finally, I've been playing with Sandvox API. It's really nicely done and you can do quite a bit fairly easily. My first effort is a plugin that adds a new pagelet type "Google Related"


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