First screencast

Now before you get all excited let me warn you.. This is reallly pretty mundane stuff but I put together my first screen cast. One of the questions I get a suprising amount of time is 'how do I drag the htaccess box in Lockdown over to transmit?'.

It's difficult to describe it in email so I created a small movie (screencast) here that shows it.

Having done it I have a few observations.

  1. It's pretty easy to do.. I didn't do any post production, speaking, etc. Just did my stuff and posted it. I used ishowu which is a fantastic app and well worth $20 (especially compared to snapz pro which AFIK is not universal and way more expensive)

  2. Having done it I can now point people to it again and again... Again saving my poor overtyped fingers

  3. It makes me want to do more. There are a lot of features in the plugins that I don't think get used at all since there is no good guides. This approach may well fix it.

  4. You don't have to make them overly complex. This one was pretty easy but solves the problem of describing it nicely (plus it's not that horribly big of a download)


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