Getting Closer

Getting Closer

I'm writing this post completely in markdown. It's sort of an interesting way to post, even though RW has some nice graphical tools there is a certain freedom in using a strait ascii input. I'm sure many folks won't agree and will only dip into markdown when they want easy bulleted lists but I think I may do all of my text entry this way.

So while I'm not ready to announce it publically (e.g. RW forums) I'm getting closer. This build improves error handling and adds several new features.

  1. You now have 3 elements you can put inside of the tags to control things

    1. warning. Defaults to yes but you can set it to 'no' or 'false' to turn off warnings for that block
    2. outputdir. This is the name of a directory on your filesystem that get's copied with the page (e.g. if you run a bash script and want to include some files as a result use outputdir)
    3. files. This is the name of the files to reference from the page
  2. I now include some docs written by Greg Schueler, I'll probably generate some focused ones for RW folks but he did a nice job (and provided a liberal license so I can include them). To get them go to the StylePlus window (cmd-l or format->StylePlus) and copy to clipboard (as Markdown text no less!). Then past into a styled text window and preview them (this is also a nice way to see a before and after document)

  3. General cleanups

As an example of how to use the new formating here is how you might create a local file in a bash shell and then have it uploaded and referenced in your web page

< bash outputdir=/tmp/myOut>
echo "some file" > /tmp/myOut/file.txt
< /bash>

<a href=''>click here to get my bash output</a>

You can download the newest version here


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