GoDaddy: Crazy Making!

It's been a pretty frustrating 12 hours working on why RapidBlog is mysteriously failing for some people on GoDaddy. Someone has very nicely given me access to their GoDaddy account and I've been able to see what the problem is. The Connection is closing to blogger -- I don't know why but there it is and it's something specific to GoDaddy. So I built up a test case, about 4 lines of PHP code so we could send it to godaddy and say "Hey, this is broken" So the good news is it show the problem... sometimes. Sometimes it works fine -- Don't even ask me why. In fact I was finding that RapidBlog would work occasionally tonight but other times no. The 'glass half full' side of me wants to say they (GoDaddy) is working on the problem and it'll go away soon. So here is a link to a file with the test case. Open it up in RapidWeaver and preview it. You should see some log messages and then eventually a bunch of XML. The final line should be tell you that it ran successfully. Now publish it somewhere on your site and look at it. It may or may not work. If it seems to work hit refresh a few times... It seems that it will eventually stop working. Let me know if this test case shows the problem. Better yet if it does send GoDaddy a support email. Give them the PHP script and tell them it's failing -- This is 100% valid PHP code. It should work. -John

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